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Beginner airsoft? Answered

Yo 'iblers i was wondering what a good starter airsoft gun for under 50$ I would like it to be an AEG please. I have found a couple i like but i was wondering what gun that you guys would recomend


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sushi crazed creature
sushi crazed creature

Best Answer 11 years ago

If you want a decent AEG you will have to spend $150 to $200 otherwise you will get a piece of crap that will break within a few days.
Due to you being a beginner you will probably not have phenomenal accuracy so you would want something more close range (5 to 50ft), like a multi-shot shotgun. Having a multi-shot shotgun will make it a lot easier to hit targets. The only thing people seem to not like about this one is that its hard to cock, so if you are small, you might want to consider a nice pistol.

NOTE: Make sure you actually want to play this sport because it will cost you ~$100 to get all the necessary equipment.

1. primary gun
2. decent ammo (.2 grain bb)
3. face mask & goggles
4. extra magazines (shells in the shotgun's case)
5. silicone gun lube (to grease barrel and slider)
6. KNOW YOUR PAIN TOLERANCE (these bbs hurt)
7. Have a safe and sanctioned place to play (don't walk down your street with one of these or run around your neighborhood)
8. Remember these are considered real guns
9. You must be 18 to purchase these in most states
10. Good Common Sense (don't do stupid stuff ie: threaten another person or shoot an animal)



10 years ago

hey little bit late but i think that you might want something like a Co2 pistol blowback. and i also think airsoftgi in to much money to spend if you want a deent gun


11 years ago

 Great to know you joining the sport of airsoft. First off you will need to know a few things:

1. Airsoft is mildly expensive and you  can not  get a good air soft gun for under $50,sorry. 

2.don't go out in public with out it in a gun case and thats still a bad idea .  All in all use common scene.

3.If you cant take pain then try a different sport airsoft can be painful lean to take pain if you cant.

4. You will need a side arm (pistol) a primary weapon (rifle) camouflage or BDUs (battle Dress Uniforms).

5. Some people see you playing in you they may think their real guns and call the police ( and once again use coon scene).

6. Buy from a good site like Evike.com, airsoftgi.com ant redwolfairsoft.com . Don't buy from airsplat , shotyusa dicks or any sports shop.

7. Price docent matter its quality .

Great to know some one else is joining the sport of airsot and remember don't ruin the sport for every one else by doing some thing stupid.