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Beginner searching for some ideas, tricks to start project on "automatic control of fountain pump" Answered

In my garden I have a pond with a foutain pump. This runs on 220 V. I thought it would be a nice beginnersproject to get this pump controlled automaticly so it runs:
- when the sun is shining (daytime).
- between certain hours (so the neighbours don't complain in summer night with long evening light or early hours).
- when the temperature is below 0 degree Celcius for longer time (say 1 day or so). It should then run day+night to prevent ice to break the wall and keep some open water.

My idea is to use some arduino controller + bleutooth/wifi (so I can adjust control it from my warm living room).
I have a broken thing laying around with this power-relais and think is usefull for feeding the controller.

So how would/should/could I proceed to get to a succesfull project?

Thank you, regards, Eef Weenink


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11 months ago

Just go with an ESP32 instead of an Arduino if you want BLE and WiFi. Cheap, powerfull, small, abundant, plethora of code-examples for Webserver (to switch the pump manually) and BLE-Phone-applications.

- Sunlight: measure on a analog pin either a LDR, a photodiode or even a solar cell
- Temperature. Get a Thermistor like from a 3D-printer (Dirtcheap. I buy 10pcs for 3$ on Ali) and measure the reistance on a analog pin.
- Time: As you have WiFi, synchronise the internal time every 24h or so with the internet-time

Output: Be sure your relais ALWAYS has a flyback diode! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flyback_diode
Your Relais IS a inductor and will kill the ESP or parts if not present!
Maybe your output cannot power the Relais directly and may need a bit more power thru a transistor or FET.