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Best 3D game engine? Answered

I've been wanting to make my own game for quite a while, but I have limited programming skills and mediocre 3D modeling talent (but I'm getting better :)). So I was wondering if anyone knows of a good game engine that is fairly modern (i.e. bloom, HDR, physics, etc.) but is easy to use, so I don't have to dig in to too much code. I'm taking a C++ class at the moment but I expect it to be a while before I'm proficient enough to code games. I've considered modding a Source game, any pros/cons I should be aware of? Other than that I've tried FPS Creator X10 (a little too far on this side of easy) and Sauerbraten (Sauerbraten I like, but unfortunately it's not for standalone games). Also, preferably the engine would be free, I'm not made of money. Thanks in advance.



9 years ago

 Try going to devmaster.net. They have a list of game engines. You can even search for engines with features you need.


9 years ago

You should look into an engine called Esenthel. It's reasonably easy to use and has insane graphics for a free engine. It's free for non-commercial use.


Answer 9 years ago

That looks awesome, thanks for pointing it out.  So far I've been using Unity 3D and Blender, I like Blender a lot but Unity... not so much.  I'll download the free version and give it a spin.