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Best LEDs buy on eBay? Answered

I looking for some cheap and good LEDs on eBay. I found this, and it's seems OK for me... What do you think?



Best Answer 9 years ago

They look like a good deal, and the seller accepts returns if anything is wrong. Remember and specify what voltage you want the resistors for (12V standard). 
However, I would have liked to see the current rating for each LED, something you will have to consider if using a battery or other current-limited power supply. If this is important to you, e-mail the seller before buying. 
It also fails to mention the wavelength of the UV light emitted by the UV LED. It might just be a blue LED with a low wavelength as these are a lot cheaper than proper Ultra Violet LEDs which are normally quite expensive. A proper UV light should have a wavelength lower then 400 nano meters (nm). I would strongly advise you to e-mail about this, as well as the luminous intensity. 


9 years ago

@ Ro55_28  VERY GOOD advice. Thank you, really helped! He saids its 300 nano meters, and IT IS really a UV led. If not, i won't get that as a problem, I just lookin' for some LEDs, nothing, special...

@ Andy My friend ordered LEDs and there won't be problems.


9 years ago

Looks good to me.  I've had other items from that seller with no problems.
Shipping to the UK from China is no problem (and surprisingly quick) but it may be wise to check if there are any restrictions to Croatia.