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Best Recipe Answered

Hey everyone,
    What is your best recipe? It can be something you made up or something you just found in a cookbook. I want to hear all about your cooking adventures! I will post my recipe for curried spinach soon.


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2 years ago

Aloo bhujia is made from chickpea flour and a very famous snack in asia and that too especially in india look at the recipe and must try this one


9 years ago

I generally make stuff up as I go. I look at recipes for ideas and combine them to my own fiendish designs. There are usually subtle elements that hint to a specific region (at least for me) which I incorporate in otherwise simple dishes to make them stand out. I'll list some:
-anything cut into thin strips combined with ginger and chilli which is then fried will feel Thai
-adding cumin, cinnamon and raisins will make a Moroccan feel
-curry powder mixed into a dry dish (no sauce) will hint at Indian without being too obvious.
-cumin, vinegar and sugar will hint at Mexican

Usually I will stick to simple dishes and throw in some of the above, but when trying to make an impression you have to put some more effort into it. This one is not vegan but still one of my favourites:
Grilled duck breast with chinese 5 spice accompanied by sautéed gnocci and a red pepper, rucola, and pine nut salad. I find it has a nice combination of textures, colours and, of course, flavours