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Best Way to Learn Circuits? Answered

Hi So long story short last year I switched into EE, and honestly really dig it so far! Due to my actual electrical course work requiring a different set of math classes than I originally had taken I haven’t been able to take any electrical engineering classes yet... I ended up purchasing some breadboards and parts to go with it, along with a raspberry pi to learn about building circuits and work on some coding as well. The goal is to mess around and learn what I can before I can take an actual circuits course, but from your experience what’re some of the best things I can do to build my knowledge in the field, or any advice on what I SHOULD be doing as well?



8 days ago

I am an a mature more or less like you in EE, but I have learnt a lot in the last two months than 12years of schooling, and without prior knowledge of EE. I find that the method I am using to teach myself is highly efficient.

How I do it? I did it buy having a project that I am designing and building in that way I learnt specific components, principles and math that will make the project work, my mind can easily make sense of the information because it knows where and why to locate it in my mind.

In two months I have fully designed the schematics while I had no idea such a word existed two months ago. I am so eager to learn more in this exciting field, hope you will pick pits and bits to help you in your question.


8 days ago

Think about what would help you in your days. Like a little LED-lamp at the door which light up automatically or at the push of a button and stays on for a defined time.
Or in gaming, would you fancy an autoclicker or a defined set of keys to be sent at the press of a single button?
Solar harvester and charger of a 18650? Maybe for a sunjar?
I advise to not do for the sake of it but with a goal and especially with a purpose. If you build towards something you want to use later on the motivation and willingness to really DO is much higher.
If you dont see a solution to a schematics-problem (How can i do X?) try to break it down into modules. How to do this and how to do that? If both work, i could combine them with this and X works as i wanted.

Your question is quite broad. It would be simpler if you had a little DIY-project and specific questions for this ;)