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Best desktop CNC design and ? Answered

Hey guys, 

A couple of friends and I who are engineering undergrounds have been working on a 3 axis desktop CNC machine design at a really low pricepoint, and we wanted to get your thoughts and suggestions on what you want to see on a desktop CNC so that we can make it even better! We also want to get a idea of what you would do with your machine and what sort of people would want to purchase such a machine.

Some specs:

3 axis CNC with NEMA 17s (upgradeable to NEMA 23)
20" x 20" x 6" cutting area
Steel and injection molded plastic construction
Cuts wood, metals, foam, plastics, etc
GRBL Arduino controlled

Price point, around $200 or $300.

Thanks in advance!



3 years ago

Thanks guys for the feedback! I just set up a website. If you guys want to follow my project, check out www.sienci.com


3 years ago

As with all things CNC the accuracy and resolution you can get will be the critical factor.

Resolution of 0.1mm , in fact 0.01mm resolution would be better.

Accuracy, the ability to plot a point and go back to zero then re plot the same point +/- 0.01 mm

Price would be a good thing through. Are you costing in your time, a factor to pay for the development, There is a reason the X carve is $1000 and it's not just greed.


Answer 3 years ago

I might also add that in my experience it is easier to have the table move and keep the X/Z gantry still than have the gantry move in 2/.3 directions.

Most CNC work is essentially 2D to save cost you can also have the Z axis driven by a DC motor and set a stop to give depth.

Low cost is always going to require some kind of compromise.


3 years ago

This would be better as a forum topic, and you might be able to deal with the answers more easily if you put together an online survey (such as SurveyMonkey) so you can share the survey on social media as well.