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Best motor and switch for this swinging arm? Answered

I am trying to make the following:
i need a 4 foot arm to swing parallel to the ground at a fulcrum. Only needs to travel 90 degrees one direction, then back 90 degrees to its original spot - Kind of like 1 windshield wiper running parallel to the ground
the weight of the arm plus load at the end is roughly 10pounds
this would be triggered by a single button
thats the gist of it. Now if. I could tweak it...
i would like one press of button A to move the arm 90 degrees then it stops. A second press of button A would move the arm back to where it originally was. 
Or, if this is too costly, I could hold the button down while the arm cycles 90 degrees and back, releasing the switch when the arm reaches its desired location
I need cheap options or at least a good place to start. I have zero coding or electronics knowledge
thank you



2 years ago

Take a look for automatic entry door openers. They may be relatively expensive but you can get an idea of the mechanism they use and maybe find a similar way to implement it. Good luck.


2 years ago

Get some seat motors from a car wrecker.
They come with limit switches to stop the motor, so all you need to do is find the right mounting option to get the 90° with the full extent of the motor drive ;)