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Best options to make a mold of a small box for casting? Answered

I'm looking to make a mold of a small box with one open panel, not a closed box. I need to have a way of shaping the material to very straight edges and right angles, making walls that are a maximum of 1/8in thick.

What materials can I use to make this mold?

I want to make this mold for green sand casting.


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6 years ago

A picture of what you making would help.

Just by the by the thing you put in the sand is a positive shape and is a pattern.

Most green sand patterns are made from wood, MDF is fine for most normal work.

If your looking to copy an existing box then your going to have to

1. Make a negative mold. Casting silicone may work depending on the shape and the depth of undercuts. Otherwise it will have to be a multipart mold so you can get the box out.

2. Then make the positive pattern using the mold. the pattern needs to be as well finished as you expect the finished casting to be. If the pattern has undercuts then you will have to split it so you can get it out of the sand or take care as to the orientation

3. Cast.

this is a good series on home casting