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Best places to put a smoke alarm in a shop? Answered

This morning our Pie Warmer shorted and caught fire. We noticed a smell, then haze, then smoke. So we rung the fire brigade and they came and everything was sorted. Luckily it didn't happen during the night, but the two smoke alarms in the shop didn't go off. The batteries were working fine (still beeped when the test button was pushed), so where are some ideal spots? The roof is quite high, and there is a lot of stock on the walls.


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10 years ago

G'day mate. I see you're in NZ. I'm just across the ditch in Sydney.

I'm in the Fire Brigade over here and I wonder why your firies didn't give you any info?

Anyway I'll try to help you out.
 If you are using the battery only type that you can buy at the hardware store or supermarket, then you have two main types to choose from. Photoelectric and Ionization.

They both have different advantages and disadvantages, but the main difference is that the photoelectric type "sees" the smoke and is good for detecting smouldering smoky fires and the ionization type "feels" the smoke and is good for detecting flaming fast moving fires.
Which one should you use? Both. For your shop, depending on it's size, I would get at least 2 of each type.

Do you have cooking facilities of just the pie warmer? If you just have the pie warmer, then mount one of each type of detector about a metre apart near the middle of the ceiling. Mount the other two on the wall near the pie warmer. Again about a metre apart or one on each side of the warmer, and about 1.5 metres above  the warmer.
You can put the detectors pretty much anywhere up high as long as you are not too close to cooking facilities, but with your high ceilings it is a good idea to have them on he walls too.
BEWARE OF "DEAD AIRSPACE". This area occurs in the corners where the walls meet the ceiling. So don't install any detectors within 300 to 400 mm of the cornice. That is down the wall and across the ceiling 300 to 400. Also not in cluttered areas between shelving and stock etc.

Also put at least one detector of whichever type you like in each compartment of the shop, such as toilets, staff/meal room, locker room etc.

Check out your Fire Brigades' website or our's at www.nswfb.nsw.gov.au for more info.
Hope this helps, feel free to ask more questions if you need to.