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Best "HHO Electrolyte" Versus "Conditioned Water" and Why you think it is ? Answered

I eared many things about hho generator but some say it is better to use "solution recipes" (electrolyte) instead of  "conditioned distilled water" .
I'd like to know more about conditioning distilled water .
I need your help on this one !
I plan to use rectified high voltage for 2 dry cells . 8" by 8" 16 plates each using microwave parts but I can't figure the minimal input if coming form  12 volts batteries and car alternator . I bet I'll need a converter from car DC to H/V transformer and I have no idea how to make it a reality
Use the best of your knowledge to answer !!!
Instructive and useful links are welcome ...


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9 years ago

Stop looking for "HHO" generators.

Instead, look for "electrolysis of water", which produces H2 and O2.

"HHO" and "Brown's Gas" is woowoo.

TO electrolyse water, all you need to do is pass an electrical current through it. A dissolved electrolyte helps the current flow, but be careful which you choose, as some can generate other gases as well.

Make sure you collect the hydrogen and oxygen separately, as a mixture of the two is ridiculously explosive.