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Best sub $800 netbook? Answered

I'm looking to purchase a netbook, with a maximum budget of $800, I just wanted to put it out to you guys... what do you think is the best. I already own a laptop, so no suggestions there, thanks. I'm strictly looking for something small and easy to carry around and use on the plane. I'm not concerned about OS, but want something capable of at least running ubuntu, preferably XP, but I don't really want to pay extra, as I'd prefer to install it myself. I want the biggest hard drive possible, and a long battery life. I want something capable of watching video from the hard disk. I don't really care about added extras such as a webcam or card reader. With size, I want something bigger than an eee pc, but not so big that I might as well use a full sizzed notebook, something slightly bigger than a portable DVD player would be good. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.



10 years ago

Answer to "the best" changes on a just-about-daily basis. All you can do is shop around, find the one that meets your own needs best at that moment, buy it -- and then immediately stop looking at PC prices for the next year, because it's guaranteed that if you do you'll be kicking yourself for not having waited and bought something else. Good luck finding a machine without Windows. Microsoft just about pays companies to ship their machines with Windows installed.


Answer 10 years ago

One other thought: If money is your constraint, don't forget to look at used machines. There are lots of people out there who think they need the absolute latest and greatest, and hence lots of "trade-ins".