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Best way to build 'gig box' style box out of MDF? Answered

I'm looking to make an enclosure for my 3D printer [Prusa I2], and, thinking long term, I am wanting to make it closer to that of a gig box. Ultimately, this would hold the printer, ATX, and a RPi to run it all in one box. I plan to put handles on it, as to be able to carry it if I need to move it or take it somewhere (say a convention).

Either way, I would like to make this box out of MDF, as I have some sheets I am not using, and I like working with it better then most other woods (due to the ease of shaping). However, I am not sure what the best method of box construction would be for this (IE, dowels and glue, screws, etc). I know I'm going to need it to take about 18 pounds about.

Thanks in advance!!



4 years ago

Are you talking about a box like the ones used to transport musical equipment?

If so I'd personally probably use a staple gun to put it all together and then reinforce all the joints with the metal cladding like you see on most gig boxes. Don't forget you'll need room for dunnage (padding).


Answer 4 years ago

Exactly. Though, I would like to avoid using the metal cladding (personal preference there, I don't much care for how it looks. Picky, I know).