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Best way to control an air pump machine? Answered

So I have a project in school and I need to create a bag that's expanding and contracting (inflating and deflating)

I thought to put an air pressure machine, like the ones for a car or air beds and connect to the pressure control the arduino, remove the buttons and connect wires to the mechanism - then code the arduino to turn the air pressure - on for a few seconds and then turn on the air pressure to suck the air for a few seconds and reverse it again and again;

(I added a picture to illustrate it)

How can I achieve this exactly? Can I simply connect them to a digital output and simply close the circuit somehow every time I want it to be on and turn open it when I want ti to be off?




4 months ago

Don't know if you noticed but those pumps usually run in one direction only.
Some might have an outlet to suck air as well but you can not switch from pumping to sucking with a standard pump.
Just use a weight and motor to lift it ;)


4 months ago

(I'm assuming this is a DC motor. AC would be harder.)

No, directly driving the motor from digital voltage is a bad plan. Too many amps. At minimum, you'd need a combination of NPN and PNP transistors to switch the load. Usually for controlling motors like that, however, you want something called an h-bridge. Just make sure it can handle enough amps and you're golden.

Here's one example:

One more tip, the pump might work better one direction than the other, so the timing might be different each direction. Also, if there is a check-valve inside, you may need to remove it.