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Best way to create an 'ible on mobile phones? Answered

This is part question part complaint. Ever since the Instructables app was phased out, it has gotten buggy to the point of jon-usability. However, the website has not improved on the mobile front to make up for that. Creating an 'ible on mobile simply doesn't work, because you can't drag and drop multiple photos like on a computer. Neither can you drag and drop photos from the photo library panel into a new step. To the staff: is there any plan to improve creating 'ibles via mobile platforms? This would help so much because almost everyone takes photos on their phones these days. Even simple photo editing is simpler on a phone than on a computer. To the community: has anyone found a good way to create 'ibles on their mobile platforms? If people could create posts straight from their phones, while on the bus or train or whatever, then we'd see a lot more active users.