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Best way to sell small motors on Ebay, or other site? Answered

I have several small DC motors.  I would like to auction them on Ebay.
I'm pretty sure they are all permanent  magnet motors.

3 are stepper motors from printers, and two are carriage motors from printers, and I think I got 2 little motors from an old 3.5" floppy. Should I sell them as one lot, or group them in their different types?

I've pretty much figured out that selling them separate isn't going to give anyone a very good deal.
Anybody have any luck with this kind'a stuff?

Are there better options than Ebay, for these kind of items?

Any help/advice would be appreciated!



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Best Answer 10 years ago

 well if you want to deal with shipping ebays good but i would try craigslist just because you can sell them locally and you dont have to deal with shipping you just have to meet the person but you would have to set a price and being that i dont know EXACTLY what you have i would say ebay is probably your best bet unless a friend wants to buy them off you but ebay is good even though i would sell them so they are together with other motors like them like if you have two or three of the SAME motor i would put them all together and sell them as a set