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Bet you can't think of something new to do with TINE! Answered

Hi Everyone! 

We want to come up some really creative ways to use TINE, and we thought that instructables community might be a good place to get some help. 

TINE is is what you would get if you combined a post it note with YouTube.

We've created these little stickers called TINE tags that you can stick on anything and then use the TINE app to record a video or audio message onto the sticker. When someone scans your sticker, they'll see your message and you'll get notified. You can learn more at tinetag.com. It's totally free and our goal was to create something new and different that people could use in a lot of creative ways. 

We would love to hear how you would use TINE. We recently created a DIY on how to use TINE to make any book a recoradable audio book, but we know there are tons of other ideas out there.  

Let us know if you have an amazing idea for TINE and we will make a DIY for it. 

Vik from TINE


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6 years ago

Great question Brooklyntonia.

Regular QR codes you and I can print are links to websites, so when you scan one with a regular QR scanner it just opens up that website on your phone. If you wanted to setup a QR code with a video, you would first need to setup a website where that video is hosted online before you could create the QR code.

TINE tags do a lot more and a are much simpler to setup. TINE makes it easy for anyone to record and save videos, and then stick them to anything - No need to know how setup a website or where to upload your content, no need to know how to create QR code, no hassle of printing - Just scan a tag and record and you're done, you can setup a TINE tag in 30 seconds. When someone scans your tag your message automatically plays.

TINE also lets you know when someone has scans your tag, as well as lets you change the video on your tag if you ever want to update it.

If you watch our video on the DIY you can see how quick and easy TINE is to use. I hope that helps.



6 years ago

What's the difference between this and just creating my own QR code and printing it on sticker paper?