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Betabrand Belt Re-Use Challenge Accepting All Clothing Mods Answered

The guys at Betabrand have been so excited about the entries in the Betabrand Belt Re-Use Challenge, that they've decided to open the contest to all sorts of clothing re-use projects, and give you an extra week to enter!

So we are now accepting all instructables that show how you have reused or modified an article of clothing or belt in the Betabrand Belt Re-Use Challenge. This includes t-shirt mods, clothing embellishments, and more!

The winners will win some awesome prizes from Betabrand, including their brand new Belted Laptop SleeveWhich, btw, is pretty awesome.  I wish I could win!

Check out our Fashion channel to gain inspiration.  Deadline is Dec. 5.

We can wait to see what you make!



9 years ago

Great! I have some old clothes I can hack up!