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Better Filters in the Answers section Answered

Currently there is no way to filter for questions that have not been commented on. I really enjoy answering peoples questions, but when i have to dig to find any that actually need answered it is discouraging.

I propose another option in the current ones for ones with no answers submitted currently the unanswered tab shows all questions that have comments trying to answer but the user hasnt submitted it as an answer.
It may also help to have inactive questions auto set to answered or inactive.



3 years ago

There are two problems with a lot of questions:
a) The user never comes back after asking because he found the answer himself or elsewhere.
b) The user does come back until he has all the info he needs and then disappears.

I think a slightly better way of removing those wastelands would be to move all questions into an archive section if the user did not come back or mark it as answered within a certain time.
No point trying to answer topics that will never be seen by the one person who could mark it and select the best answer.


Reply 3 years ago

I just want a filter so i can see brand new questions in the answers section that no one has replied to. this is hard to find since the recent tab glitches most of the time and shows me all 4 year old questions.