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Bicycle Mudguard Answered

Hello there, people. First post here, been a member for a long time but only used to read instructables, but now im in need of help with a project. Im making a mudguard for my bicycle and im using a plastic folder. I know it sounds a little strange, but ive seen a lot of tutorials for mudguards made from some type of plastic, soft or hard. For example the ones made from a plastic cutting board. The first photo is of the folder and my question to you guys is, how do i make creases on the folder like the ones shown in picture 2. creases that help you fold the folder in those certain places.


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5 years ago

For sharp bends you need something to heat the plastic.
One option on a hobby level could be a hot wire placed in a thin groove of some sheet metal.
Of course you need to insulate the wire from the metal with some teflon tape or similar.
A lab power supply or adjustable power supply can then be used to get the wire just hot enough to soften the plastic.
For softer shaping you can make a cardboard or wooden mold and place the plastic on top of it.
Heat it slowly in your oven until the plastic becomes soft enough to "flow" over the mold - you can assist this with a vaccuum frame but for single pieces it is not worth the extra work.
On a professional level you get heated rollers for this, basically a big soldering iron with a thin wheel instead of a tip.