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Big project, little parts..Need serious electrical tech help. Answered

Well, long story short in my dumpster diving salvaging e-waste ...

2 Lorex CCTVs. One cord cut, the other intact. I disassembled the cut cord. Lr38603A PCB. Wires Identified GND 12v+ Audio Video  Analog, so USB is out of question.

Acer Aspire 5100 laptop. The mommy is toasted (cause mobo sounds so geefy.) so disassembled and salvaged usable parts.I think I tossed the condenser into my "melt parts off circuit board" bin... so I need a condenser and PCB controller which leads me to something I found in my parts bin...

CRT monitor, stripped and kept the  VGA PCB, unfortunately it does not have an S-Video and I think it's irrelevant here but I'm quite new to this hack n mod stuff...

So, here's what I'm trying to do: Use the LCD from the laptop as a display for the analog camera, I also have several lens and such from damaged optics (hunting scopes, monocular etc) so with the lens I'll put them in a tube and craft a digital microscope. I know you can buy a cheapie USB one, but I want the pride of making something, to be able to understand the tech, and also re-use discarded electronics.

I have a pretty good idea of what to do, but I've never worked on anything that involves a serious power source from an outlet and do not want to fry myself, and would like some guidelines/what to research. Google is not being helpful and nearly all the camera hacks I've came across are for USB based cameras. I have access to a solder station, voltometer and a slew of other parts from various electronics, mostly VCR's I'd like to keep the spending to a minimum, but not at the expense of safety. Can anyone help? Thanks :D



4 years ago

My thinking is the system itself, with all working and proper parts consist of a television, a DVR and the camera 5 pin DIN connecting to AVG/S-video makes a closed circuit system. I wanted to run one of the power bars (computer power supply) to the whole set up. But I was actually hoping to run Rasberry Pi or Arduino to keep things portable, light and such... but zero experience with either. It should be possible right?


Reply 4 years ago

You need the camera, monitor and power supply, how does adding an Arduino make it more portable?
Seriously, if you want to record video with the Arduino it would be easier to get a ready to go solution.
If you only want to watch the video feed you only need the cam, power and a monitor.


4 years ago

The camera needs 12V to operate, so no risk there.
But using a VGA monitor for an analog video signal is not going to work without some serious electronics between the two.
Much easier to get cheap LCD (like for a reversing cam) that already offers one or two video inputs.