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Bigger drawings and lines and circles? Answered

Any tips on drawing straight lines and circles on a larger scale. Sometimes I draw on paper a lot bigger that A4 such as A2 and A0 size and these can be difficult to rotate to do straight lines and circles.



Best Answer 1 year ago

I think that circle trick where you use your finger as a pivot point might work at a larger scale. If you pivot on your pinky, move the paper in a circle, and keep the pen tip in one place, you should be able to get some pretty big circles.

As far as straight lines, practice, practice, practice. keep trying to get them parallel, remember to move the paper to the best orientation to get a straight line, and use quick, smooth strokes.


Answer 1 year ago

It also helps to draw little tick marks as targets.


7 months ago

Even though this is sketching - don't be afraid to use a straight edge or templates when needed. If you desire that "hand sketched" look you can make light lines then trace over freehand. Plus this helps build the hand-eye coordination. If you do it a lot you'll soon find the templates are less and less necessary.

I do a lot of plan view sketches. Another "freehand" trick for straight lines is to hold the pencil in a position that the point is at the place you want a line then position a finger on the edge of the drawing pad using it as a guide then pull the hand along the edge - nice straight lines and parallel the the paper edge.

I prefer to do sketches on vellum. Its a superior surface for drawing. And being translucent you can slip in graph paper behind to help as a guide. You can print many different graph papers from online resources.