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Bike chain snapped? Answered

So I’m riding along and suddenly my chain snapped. So than I get to walk home with my busted chain and bike. My question is, is it better to order a new chain, or can I use a power link? Or any other suggestions.

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Best Answer 4 years ago

It depends. Does the broken link look like a weak link compared to the others? The it may have been a single failure that can be fixed. Do the other links look weak/thin as well? Than the whole chain has been worn down. Better to replace it all. It it a well kept, new chain? Repair it, Is it an old, long worn chain? Replace it.


4 years ago

If you have Derailleur gears You should not use a quick link as the gears will snap it apart very quickly as you change gear.

If you gears are enclosed go ahead and use a snap link.