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Billy Bass DIY Answered

I have scoured the internet for an Arduino-based Billy Bass tutorial that would allow me to drive the motor using custom wavs or mp3's. I am very much a noob. I have disconnected the main circuit board in the fish and wish to attach an Arduino nano or Uno. I have isolated the 6 wires to the motor for Head, mouth and tail. I have an Adafruit motor shield (if I need one), microsd card adapter for storing wavs or mp3's on a card. I would like to use the motion sensor that comes with the fish. I am fairly sure I can sync beeps up to a wav or mp3 file to que the mouth to move but no understanding of the code that would allow this with the created sound file. I guess this project was popular quite awhile back. The only tutorials I have seen require mbed programming. I want to use the Arduino. If someone out there knows how to put a tutorial together for a customized fish I would make it and be very grateful for the instruction. Because I am a noob I would need to see the wiring detail step by step and also from a Fritzing photo. I think if I could just get the project out of the way my confidence and understanding of some things would lead to other projects. Has anyone ever made one with an Arduino? Can I just come off of the board it came with and bypass the original sound circuit to incorporate my own? If so, how? Thank you.


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