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Bio Incubator Arduino Code - Problem Answered

Hey guys hope your making wonderful things and providing more value to this incredible world.
Inspired by the project of building the Bio incubator from PiyumF I started making my own DIY incubator with slightly more detailed features.

But however when I started working on the brains of the system I ran into problem I couldn't solve myself. I know that there are, in this community some of the brightest people I could know, more experienced with arduino and coding than I am.
So the main problems are:
When I started compiling the sketch of the provided finished program I ran in some errors I couldn't fix and cant really describe it in detail, because of my lack of knowledge.
Another problem is that I cant properly connect the LCD keypad shield with the I2C backpack and arduino and dont know how should I modify the code to work properly with all of it. So that it creates menu in which you can choose a target temp and set it up.

Can you guys anyhow help me solve this situation, because I'm running out of options.
Many thanks in ahead