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Black & Decker Bandsaw, Model DN330-H2 Manual? Answered

Hi Folks.
The following appeared on the Cafe pages of my local FreeGle group this morning & I wondered if anyone in the wonderful world of Instructables could help.

Ladies & Gentlemen

I've acquired a Black & Decker Bandsaw, Model DN330-H2.

It would be very helpful to have a copy of the instruction manual
and I should be most grateful if anybody who has the manual for a
similar model would allow me to have a copy.

I've used bandsaws in the past but it would be really useful to
know how the manufacturer suggests that blades are fitted and

I've tried the B&D website and all I can find is an "exploded"
diagram and a parts list.

If anyone has a copy of the manual for this or any other bandsaw in the Black & Decker DN330 range in a format they could email me or perhaps a link to a web site it would be truly appreciated.
All the best.


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