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Blender modelling question? Answered


I have two objects on the screen.
When I select one and press G, a large circle appears which alters both objects when I grab; this has not happened before.

I know that I must have pressed a shortcut by mistake but I cannot seem to find an answer on the Googles.
I've even gone through the process of pressing each key.

Could someone tell me how to return to normal.


EDIT; When I say normal , I mean, I need to get the Grab cursor back to normal( at the moment when I try to use it, it is a big circle, that effects everything it touches, rather than just the object that i want to move).



Best Answer 3 years ago

I think what you're dealing with is the proportional editing tool. https://www.blender.org/manual/editors/3dview/transform/transform_control/proportional_edit.html

Hope this helps. Good Luck!


3 years ago

It's not acting like the paint select tool is it? (when you press "c" you can use a circle to select multiple objects) If that's the case then your keyboard shortcuts have probably been changed in the user prefferences.


Answer 3 years ago

Hello Quadrifoglio,

Thanks for the reply.

My description may have been misleading;

It's not the moving that's the problem, it moves fine, it is just that so does everything else in the circle.

I can use escape to go back but the grab function will still be a big circle if I try to use it again.

I need the cursor to go back to normal grab function for edit mode.

That is a great link though and I will now go through it and it will help with Blender.