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Blinking LED lights in a series Answered

I need to make a board with LED lights that blink on and off in a series. It would need an easy on and off switch and I would need to be able to choose what direction the blinking would go (left to right, right to left). If this is an easy project, any help would be great. Thanks, Brad

Theses pictures are what I need the first one would be ok ,the second even better.

Would this work

If so, how much would this cost in the US or how much would someone want in order to build something similar. If someone could make the circuits I could attach the lights to the board.

Any ideas out there?



10 years ago

This is a project that is very easy to implement in a microcontroller, and would be best suited for that. What experience to you have working with electronics?


10 years ago

You have a lot of choices here. There are dedicated IC's (counters, etc) that can accomplish this. Or, you can use a uC and just program them to do as you wish. It can be (although it would be complicated) done through just transistors and such. . .