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Blokcing WIFI Signals Answered

I am researching materials to block wifi signals. I´d like to find the best ones in order to avoid being hit by those wireless killers.

Anything that can be of help would be greatly appreciated.




4 years ago

So you want to prevent people from jamming your signal. Best way to block radio signals of any kind is using a Faraday cage. Basically you make a box out of metal or wire mesh and ground it and no radio frequencies can penetrate the cage. So if you line your walls with a wire mesh that is well grounded then all your Wi-Fi singals will stay in your house and no jamming device outside will effect your signal.


4 years ago

Why is noone a search engine anymore....


And a quick web search show plenty of stores selling radio- cell phone- and wifi-jammers...
If you for hardware rather than electronic you only option is use grounded shields made from fine wire meash or metal foil.
Wrap you mobile in aluminium foil and put it on the (stainless steel) kitchen sink.
When you call it you should hear that you are not available right now...