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Blu ray movies in 7:1 Audio? Answered

I just got a 7:1 Receiver, and can't find any movies in 7:1. I looked up on google, but would prefer some real answers from people who have actually seen it for themselves, as opposed to just looking it up on websites such as blu-raystats.com Thanks, BB


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10 years ago

ok, i'm just thinking that it's probably a 7.1 receiver. which would mean that it supports up to 7 speakers (with one central speaker, so it does balance out), and one subwoofer. so any high end movies will support it, or at least 5.1 surround sound. just check the setup, audio, or language menu, depending on the disc. make sure you set up your speakers in the correct arrangement, in order to get the right surround feel. even if the audio is only 5.1, you'll still get the surround effect.