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Bluetooth Game Controller as Camera Shutter ? Answered

Hi all! This would be my first official query here in Instructables. 

I'd love to know whether it would be (easily) possible to use a bluetooth game controller as a camera shutter for android or iOS. As a specific reference, I've purchased an IPEGA 9025. I trust in the ingenuity of the people here as I don't plan to spend my money on a dedicated camera shutter. Any advice or 'ible would be very much appreciated :)


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5 years ago

Would only require an app that can connect with the controller and allow one of the controller buttons to activate the shudder. Doubt one exist at this time or that there is enough of a demand for such a thing to motivate a programmer to put one together. If all you need is a single button to operate the shudder then spend $10 on a bluetooth selfie stick.