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Bluetooth (HC-06) with ATtiny85 Answered

Hi everyone,
     I've been playing around with the HC-06 Bluetooth module for a while now and have had great success with it so far.  However, I have been using the Arduino Uno and Pro Mini, which have quite a few unused pins in my applications.  In order to downsize I'm trying to use the Atmel ATtiny85 chip.  I have used it many times in the past so I'm at least a bit familiar with its functions and limits.  For some reason I cannot get the Bluetooth module to work with the ATtiny85.  After many long and frustrating hours spent in vain, I decided to ask you all for help.  Does anyone know of any good tutorials or code for using the ATtiny85 with the HC-06 module?  It would be great if I could use the app Ardudroid to control the ATtiny85, but any help would be greatly appreciated.  


Antzy Carmasaic
Antzy Carmasaic

4 years ago

You are using only TX and RX pins to control the HC06? Are you using any library?

If you're using a library, there might be compatibility problems with ATtiny85.

Try sending UART data from ATtiny85 to a PC using TTL-to-USB convertor(or Arduino). If using a USB-to-TTL convertor, connect RX of one to TX of another. If using Arduino, remove the Atmega328P and connect RX of ATtiny85 to RX of Arduino and TX to TX. Then test if your code is sending proper UART data or not.


Reply 4 years ago

Normally that's what I would do, but the ATtiny85 has no hardware RX and TX pins, as far as I know. I've looked through the data sheets, dozens of pinout, etc, and it seems that the only way to have serial communication is through a software serial port. I haven't had much time lately to do anything really, but I intend to play around with just the software serial library. That very well may be the problem. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!