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Bluetooth Headset mod with LED's Answered

I have an idea, I need a good starting place.

My father is deaf.  I want to get him a cell phone and send him SMS text messages.  I obviously don't have to worry about him running up minutes on my cell plan.  What I want is a bracelet or watch band that lights up with LED's.  The LED's would stay lit up until a reset button of some kind was pressed.  The phone would have to be linked via bluetooth with some kind of handset protocol that would set off the LED's.

A fake watch would be ideal.  The watch innards could be big enough for the bluetooth circuitry and the battery.

Dick R.


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9 years ago

my daughter is 5 months old and deaf. we are in the process of trying to make her aware of her surroundings and a couple of things that are involved are some notifiers for when some one is entering the house or coming up the stairs and when my wife or my cell phone rings and our attention is directed towards something that she cant hear. Anyway point being I was also thinking a bluetooth LED light system that would flash when our cell phones go off to make her aware that our phones were ringing. i was not thinking on the wrist but that is a great idea, so my want to check these sites if you havent seen them already:



i am going to continue my endevore with my idea which may help you with yours i will keep you updated if i get somewhere with it. I am a Mechanical Engineer and wont rest until i figure out a way to do it.

best regards,