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Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Answered

I REALLY want Wireless headphones, but the caveat is that I want them to be earbuds.  I've seen people do all sorts of things to the big bulky ones, but I need these for stealth; I wanna listen to music in school! haha Don't try and tell me I ought to be studying either! =P

The original plan was to use an RF transmitter and a RF receiver for each earbud, but RF modulation is static-ey and is subject to a LOT of interference.

So the alternative is Bluetooth or other means of digital modulation.  I can't find a way to make your own "bluetooth" per se, leaving the only option to cannibalize another bluetooth device.

Below is a quick sketch of what I had in mind.  I know there's more to it like resistors and whatnot, but I'll let you folks figure that stuff out. XD

The idea is that the headphone hook around your ear and the receiver will hang off the back of your ear.  If you have any questions, just ask! =D
Thanks for your help!!


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10 years ago

If you can build it, you should take this project to your shop teacher (or whatever they call the electronics elective these days) for credit, rather than censure!

A bluetooth earpiece for a cell phone is sort of what you're looking for, but the smallest ones are still visible. I don't think you're going to be able to fit the whole thing (including rechargable thin-film battery and recharging port) into a single earbud. However, it's certainly worth a shot.

Get a small cheap one (I got mine for $30 at RadioShack, which I know isn't discount headquarters :-), open it up, and see how much the circuit could be compressed. You don't need any of the microphone stuff, for sure, nor do you need multiple control buttons; just a single volume control should be enough.

For charging, you might even be able to design a mini version of an inductive charger (those Duracell pads you've seen ads for), so you wouldn't need a jack at all.