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Bluetooth cam using iPod display? Answered

I'm looking for an instructable (or help) to set up a portable camera and display.  I don't know if this is currently feasible, but I would like to use my iPod Touch as a display for a small, battery operated camera.  Wondering if a Bluetooth connection might work.  Wondering if a cel phone might work as a remote camera.  I want this to help me easily back-up my truck and connect to my trailer.  Also to put camera on a stick and put it into walls, attics and crawl spaces in order to see into difficult places.  Also to put on some kind of snake and pass into sewer pipes, etc.  Is there such thing as a Bluetooth transmitter that would work with a battery and a ccd cam?

Thanks in advance


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11 years ago

 I think the closest you will get is OnOne's iPod connect software, which only works with a canon DSLR hooked up via a computer.

The only way the iPod will work via bluetooth is if you jailbreak it, and I have not seen any remote video software on the cydia store.

Another option is to use a service like Ustream, which would allow you to transmit video from a pc with a webcam to the iPod.


Reply 10 years ago

 Thanks for the response.  I doubt that it will be very long until I will be able to do something like this.  Until then, it's back and forth driving and getting out to inspect how far I am to the trailer I want to hook up, drive again, etc.

Nice mod to the one handed camera and assigning credit.  How about modifying a welder's helmet to hold the camera and be able to flip it up and out of the way or down and use one handed.  This could work if you could hold your head steady and I don't remember if that was part of the challenge.

Thanks again