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Bluetooth communication questions. Answered

Hi all,
I havent played with bluetooth before, so I wanted to ask a few questions before getting myself started.
I want to create a simple robot that is controlled by bluetooth and make most of it from scratch.
where there will be a transmitter and a receiver, followed by arduino that creates my PWM, the H-bridge and finally the motors. 
I was wondering how exactly does the bluetooth work. I checked a little bit online for the prices. 
the standard bluetooth dongle that connects to a PC are about 2-5$. but the arduino shields are 60-100$.
I was wondering if I can get myself 2 bluetooth USB dongle and make them communicate between each other. 
Is it because there are other 'modules' neccessary to properly communicate that the computer has so we cant use a dongle on the arduino which making us buy the expensive shield?

So to recapitulate, my point is, can I use a standard cheap usb dongle to both send and receive information?


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