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Bluetooth speaker serial port communication hack? Answered

Hello everyone,

Recently I bought BT speaker (chinese to be specific) it is great, and I tried connecting it to my Win7 PC. It is interesting, because instead of audio device it installed two serial ports on my computer.

I am wondering if this can be somehow useful. Maybe i can turn off voice notifications in the speaker or other settings. But the problem is I do not know any serial port commands that I can use. 

If you know what can be done using this bluetooth serial port please message me or reply in this topic.

here is photo of the speaker if it is somehow helpful. Later I can add some photos of thew chips inside if needed.



4 years ago

I have a different one but the manual for the BK8000l module says AT commands can be sent over bluetooth. I can connect but that's as far as I got. We should be able to set up the on-chip equalizer.


5 years ago

It uses serial communication to transmit the audio signal.
If you can pair it with standard devices it might even be conform.
You can check the manual for the supported protocols like A2DP.
But apart from transfering audio there will no other communication possible, only what the supported protocols / profiles allow.