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Bluetooth to landline phone Answered

I would like to use the bluetooth headset I use with my cell phone for my landline phone at home. There are oodles of instructions out there on how to hack headsets to put them into old phones, I am looking for the opposite. Apparently Jabra used to make something that could have got me started (I believe it was called an A210) but that doesn't seem to be sold any longer. There are some wireless phones out there that incorporate bluetooth, but why add a battery operated wireless phone to a wireless headset - the bluetooth range would give me what I need to stay unencumbered. I have an old cell I could hack apart but I suspect that it would be tricky to get its bluetooth hacked into the analog phone line...
Any thoughts?




3 years ago

I know this is an old post but I agree I want to use my head set even with a cordless hand set so I can type or write while on the phone. my headset allows you to connect to two devices at the same time so I can be connected to my mobile phone and my land line at the same time. The "Hqtelecom Bluetooth Telephone Landline To Headset Adapter" is the best solution I've seen so far.


6 years ago


Plugs in between your phone & RJ11 input line.


7 years ago

Its one thing to add a handset to a Bluetooth enabled devices. Its another to make a device Bluetooth enabled. Your wanting to make your home phone into a master Bluetooth device. I think in the long run buying a cordless phone would be easier and cheaper. Most come with a belt clip and you can get decent headsets fro them.

I can think of one possibility. But like i said it would be more trouble then its worth. It would involve hacking the phone so it connects to your PC. Your PC will have a Bluetooth USB dongle and be the master device that connects with the headset and passes audio back and forth between the headset and the phone. The USB dongles are the only devices that off a means to create a master device. But they rely heavily on additional hardware and software on the PC.

Problem is there just isn't an easy way to hack a device into the phone so it can connect with a headset. Every product on the market is basically a Bluetooth headset. Unfortunately you can't pair 2 headsets to one another like a set of walk-talkies. You have to have a master device that can search for available Bluetooth devices and pair up with them.


Reply 7 years ago

besides most bluetooth devices only allow for 20-30' at the most straight line distance reception...imagine the signal now going through walls, and potentially floors (assuming that one is living in a multi-level house). its a great idea, however not practical. not as a household/tech hack at least.