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Board with NFC and WiFi Answered

I'm looking for a board (for the moment a development board would be the best solution as I am prototyping) with NFC and WiFi integrated. I saw that Arduino should launch one with NFC, Wifi and Bluetooth, the board is called Primo. I can't find anything else and Arduino can't announced a date for the launch. For now I'm working with a NFC reader and the Arduino WiFi Board both mounted on a separate Arduino Uno because the two boards are incompatible.

Any idea ?




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4 years ago

Maybe this might work https://www.adafruit.com/product/3056 with the NFC add on. Since this uses a different controller chip, it may be able to go beyond the limit of the i2c or spi bus hogged up by heavy communication devices. Or even go the raspberry pi route. Good luck.