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Bobbin binding? Answered

A few times I've had the thread bind in the bobbin while I am sewing. The stitch seems to start fine, then the machine jams. When I open the bobbin compartment there's thread all wound up and clogs the machine. I've heard that thread tension should solve this, but I don't seem to have much luck. Can you offer any suggestions?



Best Answer 3 years ago

Hi! Yes, this is very common problem and it can be caused by a few different things:

-The top thread might not be threaded properly. Check it to make sure. The top thread sometimes comes out of the thread uptake lever, and that can cause bobbin thread jams.

-The bobbin thread might not be inserted correctly. If you get a jam, take out your bobbin and put back in again, making sure to check your manual to see which way the thread should be winding.

-Make sure the ends of the bobbin and top thread are coming out behind and under the presser foot with at least 3" of extra thread before you start sewing.

-Always sew through fabric, don't start sewing in mid-air, but about 1/4" into your fabric. Sewing with nothing between the needle and the bobbin can cause the thread to tangle.

All that being said, you are bound to get tangles every now and then. Just be patient, cut them out, re-load your bobbin and check your top thread :)