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BooHoo Previous Comment Persons Answered

​Hello,  Reading some of instructables comments necessitates me to comment on you!
I find Instructables as having
interesting content which has appeal to a variety of people 
regardless of their mental capacities.  Items portrayed on the site are creations of every class of people.
Having a special talent, each of them feeling a little pride, bravely present their subject matter with instructions, 
pictures, videos, FAQ, help? and their names are printed on the website.
Speaking to the big shots who know it all.  This is not a specific website geared to the most intelligent
humans like yourselves.  If it looks like a project for a 5 year old---it probably is!
Clever mistake observers, nice of you to point it out.  Did you fail at the project?  Did you do something
wrong?  If after you check yourself and it happens that you are right.  Why not have a little consideration,
call or email Instructables, insuring the situation is clarified by the important people involved.  You would be
saving the embarrassment, ridicule and self-esteem of an individual, or didn't you think of that?
Instructables your website is unique, interesting, educational, subject matter is something about anything!
The site has helped me babysit, fight boredom, release stress and laugh hysterically!
Thank All of You at I.,  Amrie C



2 years ago

Good observations.


2 years ago

Yup. People always seem to know what you need and don't need.


2 years ago

Excellent sentiments (though more people will see it if you move it to "Community Blog").

Don't forget, if you see a post that should not be there, you can always hit the "flag" button for the staff to deal with.