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Book light switch? Answered

Hi. I have a shelf, directly attached to the wall with a light switch at the back (see attached diagram). I'd like to use a tilting-out book as an on/off switch a la cliche mystery secret-room-door-opener. Any ideas for how to do this?

Oh...just found this example: http://www.vespoe.com/blightdesign/shop/secret-passageway-switch




7 years ago

First of all, this is a brilliant idea. Makes me want to do something similar! As to how.. I figure this is how I would give it a go:

First you glue the book shut or make a wooden book replica.
Attach some form of thin long hinge to the bottom of the book so you can pull it out.
Replace the on/off toggle switch with some kind of on/off pull cord
Add a hook to the wall/shelf and the book with an elastic/spring to pull it back down.

I figure that this way you pull the book once to turn the light on and a second time to turn it off. Let us know how it goes!