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Booklet Making Software? Answered

Does anyone out there know of good (preferably free) software for laying out the pages of a booklet on a letter size or legal size sheet of paper? It would have to be able to assemble the pages of the booklet (some upside down, others on the back of the sheet) that is then folded, stapled and cut to make a booklet.



7 years ago

there is passable software that is free in the form of open office/libre office. It is not really as good as the Microsoft word booklet making wizard, but it can be done. I think Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 has the best option for at home book making.

If you are making a very small booklet 1/4 or 1/8 page and want to cut and fold to get a small form booklet, there are templates that can do that for you, but I have not found an easy book creating software solution.


Answer 7 years ago

OK, follow up... I found a piece of software that takes a pdf and rearranges the pages to make a pdf with pages joined together to make a booklet. It rearranges them so that you can print out facing pages properly.

the software is found at http://opensource.marten.dk/sider/pdf-booklet-creator_67.aspx

I do not know who this is, and I'm not connected in any way with this developer.


10 years ago

Adobe InDesign, which can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial, has a component that allows you to make booklets. It is not a permanent solution but it is a good temporary one.