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Books on electronics? Answered

Hey guys, ive been a big fan of the site for a long time but have only just signed up. I just wondered if anyone could recommend to me some good books/guides on basic electronics and circuit building. Iv always been interested in the way electronic devices work and after viewing some cool looking instructables on here decided i want to try and learn about how to make them. It is also fueled by my interest in physics which i want to pursue in university. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.



12 years ago

Err though I'm not a big electronics whizz it's always good to start off with a tech textbook outta the library, you can learn alot by looking at differenct cicuit builds and see how things work more clearly. Other wise everything about electronics is tatooed across tech-king's and guyfrom7up's buttcheeks, you have to make them stand beside eachother to read it...