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Boost 12 V lead acid to higher values, like ca. 60V (+- 30) for amplifier...How? Answered

"home" amplifiers are relatively easy to find. A simililar amp can be built from available (velleman) kits, or from discrete components.  But for portable use (on the bicycle, or car) , with one, or max. two 12 V batteries, only ready made car amps are available.

The only thing between the choice of using stuff I already have or buying car sound system components is the power required...

Which would mean there is a circuit inside the car amplifier boosting the battery voltage...

Can anyone suggest a simple circuit or easily available gadget to boost the 12 V car battery voltage to the required +- 9 up to +- 40 V required for the variation of designs available.

I am thinking of using (X2) the 200 W Velleman kit (+- 30 V) or the TDA 7294 chip (+- 40 V) for my bike amp, but would also like to know how to boost to arbitrary values (like, 17, or +- 21V) (for understanding).

Of course, not just voltage, but also power is needed here!


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10 years ago

Actually, portable battery-operated amps aren't that hard to find: boom-boxes are starting to feature inputs for MP3 players, and battery-operated PC speakers are very widely available. I know friends who are using an MP3 player plus PC speakers as their car stereo system.

And an amplifier designed to run on 12V will always be more efficient than trying to muck with the voltage supply, if you want to use a 12V source.

But If you really want to boost the 12V, websearch "DC to DC converter". Basically, it's a matter of putting the input voltage through an oscillator, putting that through a transformer, then rectifying and regulating the result. Remember that since power is volts times amps, if you increase voltage you must decrease the current available -- there's no free lunch.