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Boss DS1 pedal not working anymore, any solutions? Answered

I bought a DS1 not so long ago and the battery had died. I didn't want to go to buy a new one so I decided stupidly to connect a 12V plug that I had lying around. It was working fine for a minute until I started to notice a burning smell. The pedal stopped working altogether and now I'm left without the pedal I use most, and don't have the money for a new one. I don't know wether to throw it out completely or try and fix it if it's just a small component that needs replaced. If i put a battery in the light comes on, sound still goes through, but no distortion. Any ideas on what I should do? 

Cheers in advance 


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3 years ago

If I were you I'd open up the pedal and take a look at the electronics. If you noticed a burning smell there may be obvious signs of damaged components (such as a swolen capacitor). Feel free to post pics of the insides here and we'll see if anything looks suspect. Otherwise at the very least you will need a multi-meter to test the components.