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Bray Entertainment New Show AMERICAN MAKERS CASTING Answered

Hey Instructables!

My name is Michael Kelly and I'm one of two casting associates at Bray Entertainment. I am casting a Television Show about Inventors and their amazing creations for Bray Entertainment--the Co-Creators of 'Pawn Stars'. The show "American Makers" is already sold to a major Network and the wheels of production are quickly turning. We love what you all do and if you think you have an invention that is revolutionary enough to be on our show, give me a call asap at (212) 993-8528.

We are looking for anything and everything and anyone and everyone.

Michael Kelly
Bray Entertainment
80 River Street Hoboken, NJ 07030



5 years ago

Have you contacted the site staff directly? They are an incredibly inventive bunch themselves, and can also put you in touch with the various Artists in Residence and Featured Authors.