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Breeding Spiny Leaf Insects....what are the best conditions & how many baby insects immerge from each egg? Answered

does climate play a factor with the incubation period? We currently have approximatly 50 eggs and i am curious as to how many baby spiny leaf insects hatch from each egg? And i'd like some idea's for keeping the eggs and the babies safe and in escape proof housing until they are big enough to join the adults.. thank you



9 years ago

It is possible that climate is a factor affecting the incubation period. One stick insect will hatch from each egg, but not all of them will hatch. The eggs should be laid in a bed of coco-peat or similar, and moistened with a plant sprayer about twice a week. The young require small, new leaves for consumption. I would recommend a plastic Tupperware container for housing, with a fly screen covered hole in the lid. When the young emerge from their eggs they are about half-2/3" long. Incubation period ranges from a few months to a few years- you could be waiting a while!


10 years ago

If I had to guess, I'd say 1 egg=1 baby