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Brick floor? Answered

I'm Yeti-gone-awry! I want to rebuild my shop and to put in a new floor or have one poured would cost about $1300.00 of which I'm a little short of. I was in Colonial Williamsburg last week and in the Blacksmith shop I noticed they had a brick floor. The bricks were laid close together. I have bricks, a lot of bricks. I could lay down a layer of gravel then a layer of sand and then put the bricks in, but should I lay them next to each other w/o spaces between them or lay them a 1/2 inch apart on all sides and sweep in mortar mix between them and wet them down? I know that if I bring in a milling machine I'll have to pour a thick pad for it. Thank you. Chuck



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10 years ago

Put down a nice thick layer of pea gravel.  Now tamp that down good.
Then an inch of course sand and level.  Now tamp that down good.
Lay your bricks close together.  Make sure they are level.
Cover with fine sand and sweep it back and forth until you can't get any more in.  Do this a couple more times in the next few months.

You will have to provide a base for any heavy or vibrating machinery.

Water or any liquids will undermine your floor.

You'll have to do maintenance occasionally.

BUT, it is cheaper than a poured floor.  And you can take it out easily in a few years if you decide you really need conc.


Answer 10 years ago

+1. If you look up instructions for building a brick/fieldstone patio, you'll find more details but essentially what Re-design just described. (Someday I think I want to replace my wooden patio with something of that sort. But it's not exactly high on the priority list.)