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Bricobarts Beer Contest: what you need to know Answered

Hi all!

I'm glad, a bit, and proud, also a bit, to point your eyes to my beer contest. Me, the whole Instructables-team and a lot of beer-producing countries are looking for all of your craziest projects that use beer. The possibilities are numerous, the potential endless. Got a new way to produce? We want to learn! Got plans to export it to a galaxy far away? We want to know! Got a thirty-foot-tall Hagar statue in your garden? We want to see!
There are a lot of awesome prices, also, but we all know that's just a tiny detail.

So all this is just kind of good news. But, also this contest has it's dark side. That side is me. I won't be able to comment, encourage, burn or even judge from august 25th till september 5th, since I will spend some time in a region far from cell-phones & internet. I'll be far away from you physically, and I'll try my best to do it also mentally.
No worries, I'll be back, and I'll find them, those awesome projects I was hoping for.

Liking this contest is just not enough. Participate, if you dare!